Trey Schlichting, Traditional Archery Leather Speed Loading Quiver / Arrow Holder / Arrow Pouch

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Traditional Archery Leather Speed Loading Quiver / Arrow Holder / Arrow Pouch - black and tan hide

Our handmade Speed Loading Hip Quiver is used for mounted horseback archery , competition horseback archery, field horseback archery 

It is easily adjustable and can be used for left or right side. This unit mounts at two places : hip belt loop & left or right leg via strap 


Designer: Trey Schlichting 


Material: Genuine Leather & hide:  hand cut, hand sewn, hand tooled

              Chrome buckle 

              Chrome ring 



Need to customize with a name or any word? please contact us


This listing is for 1 Quiver 


Who is Trey Schlichting? 

Trey is the founder and lead instructor for A-Company Mounted Archery Training in South Texas.  He has been an avid archer since childhood, and began teaching archery while in college. He has been an archery instructor for over 22 years.  In 2010, Trey changed his focus to horseback archery with a desire to renew this ancient sport, therefore A-Company was founded.  Since 2011, Trey has been traveling the world teaching Horseback Archery Clinics and Bow Camps,  all while passionately reinvigorating this sport!  Trey is also Level II Certified Archery Instructor, Clinician, and World Competitor.  His accomplishments include:

  • 2016 Silver Medalist for Team USA at the World Martial Arts Masterships for Masahee and Team Single Shot - Korea
  • 2016 Second Highest Overall Score Asian Championships - Mongolia
  • 2016 CIMAC Cross-Country Hunt Course Champion
  • 2016 US Horseback Field Archery Champion
  • 2016 Star International Champion
  • 2016 Outback Equine Fall Champion- Queensland Australia
  • 2015 Texas State Champion
  • 2014 America’s Reserve Champion
  • 2014 Competitor at the World Cup in Hungary
  • 2014 DHA Hunt Cup in Sweden, 3rd place winner
  • 2014 Champion of Australian National Tournament
  • 2014 Texas Mounted Champion
  • 2013 Competitor for the U.S. team in Korea for the World Championship
  • 2013 America's Champion
  • 2013 Texas Mounted Champion