PROtekt™ -Tradesmen Protective Apron -Huntsmen

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PROtekt™ -Tradesmen Protective Apron -Huntsmen

Safety Apron


Trade:       Huntsmen, Field Processing



                 Waterproof Military Grade Fabric

                 Camouflage Pattern Genuine Leather Trim & Accents

                 Rip Proof Military Grade Kevlar Backing [from Knees to Torso]

                 High Quality Rust Free Accents

                 Double heavy duty stitched leather pockets and accents 

                 Leather Straps & Neck Ties

                 OPTIONAL: Foam Insert



                 Pen Holder

                 Knife Holder

                 Big Multi Functional Leather Pockets

                 Integrated Twin Magnets

                 D-Ring Holder

                 O-Ring Holder


Measurements: [One Size Fits All]

                 Total Width [from side pocket to pocket]: 31"

                 Upper Width [at chest]: 11"

                 Lower Width [at knees]: 22.5"

                 Length: [from chest to knees]:  37"


Color:       Military Green & Camouflage Pattern Tan/Brown Leather