PROtekt™ -Protective Apron -Drivers & Riders, Roadside Assistance

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PROtekt™ -Protective Apron -Drivers & Riders, Roadside Assistance

Safety Apron


Trade:      Drivers & Riders 



                 Waterproof Military Grade Fabric

                 Genuine Leather Trim & Accents

                 Rip Proof Military Grade Kevlar Backing [from Knees to Torso]

                 High Quality Rust Free Metal Accents

                 Double heavy duty stitched leather pockets and accents 

                 Good Quality Tools for roadside assistance 

                 Leather Straps & Neck Ties



                 INCLUDED: All Tools, gloves, tape & tie shown on photo

                 OPTIONAL: Foam Insert



                 Tool Holder Pockets

                 Reflective Neon Ribbons to make you stand out on the side of road or in case of emergency

                 Big Multi Functional Leather Pockets

                 Integrated Twin Magnets

                 D-Ring Holder

                 O-Ring Holder


Measurements: [One Size Fits All]

                 Total Width [from side pocket to pocket]: 31"

                 Upper Width [at chest]: 11"

                 Lower Width [at knees]: 22.5"

                 Length: [from chest to knees]:  37"


Color:       Military Green, Brown Leather & Black Suspender