About Us


Baro Woodworks provides handcrafted household furniture, contemporary art pieces, elevated pet feeders and gift items such as wine displayers. Made of quality supplies and intensive labor.  From contemporary designs to traditional ones these pieces are meant to complement just about any interior decor. Authentic designs allow us to create one of a kind pieces that stand out amongst many on the market now.
Our designs are made of strictly hardwood with occasional black iron accents, using durable construction, to yield long lasting results.
All items are handcrafted in the USA and are shipped nationwide directly from our shop to our customers.
The Crafters at Baro Woodworks, have many years of professional experience and education in woodworking, design, art and retail services, providing customers with the best quality they deserve.

Baro also creates custom pieces, based on customer specifications and provides design services in the world of pet products, retail displays, household furniture, art and more.


Services Include: 

        Woodworking        Powdercoating         Welding           Raw Metal Work          Riveting